These are questions and answers (aka FAQ) for guys that need to know before they seek out discrete sensual sessions of a full service bodyrub, a full service private session or a full service roll play fantasy. All questions and answers are not mentioned due to the discrete level of this sensual market.

FAQ: General Frequently Asked Questions toward women that provide sensual sessions
The answers are not related to a specific women or the web site itself. These are just general answers that help you better make decisions and to avoid coming off as a pest, problem or just being mis-understood by the women providing sensual sessions.
  1. Where are you located?
    The answer through an email is either specific or a general location. Some ladies give a general answer to be more discrete. So you will most likely get the general area through the email. Then you would need to call to get more specific location.
        If you keep asking the same question with an email ... then theres a good chance that she will stop replying to your email. You will come off a guy that is just wasting her time or being a pest.

  2. Whats the rate for a quick BJ?
    This is a bad question to ask and a bad question to answer. Sure you want to get right to the point, but if the woman had a plan to charge you ... then your email can be used as evidence against you get it?
        Now lets say if she was just a sexy babe that was not misleading you in anyway BUT YOU was the type of guy that needed to prove she is doing something that was wrong ... then her answer would cause her problems.

        TIP ... some women do not like using codes words (example "DATY") or abbreviations for different types of private sessions. If a woman does not like using code words ... then that means she is not comfortable with replying to code words. Many code words have been used so much that they can be used (lets say) as evidence (if someone was looking to prove how she's making money). You know what I mean?? That's why some women don't like using code words.

  3. (She says on the internet, "incall only" and you reply with, "I'm in the Mariott (or any 4 star hotel) and I'm having drinks. Why don't you come for some fun?
    It's ok to ask, but she's just doing sensual incall sessions. You would save time by find a woman that does outcall even if it's in the next town.
        Understand also, that if she showed up ... she could show up dressed extremely sexy and people at the bar would assume she's a callgirl or something. So that might make you feel or look uncomfortable. And, for her, she could show up, have a few drinks and both of you could go your separate ways. So she could lose lets say 2 hours or more TOTAL (driving over to you, talking to you and leaving) and make no money. This is why some women don't do outcall.

  4. Can I see a face pic?
    With a woman that provides discrete "full service" it's better for her to NOT show her face. Sometimes you see women that show their face in a web site or a posting. Understand that does not mean SHE is displaying that photo. Her boyfriend or girlfriend could have used the photo and didn't know how to blur out the face. So the face is showing.
        TIP ... It's better to meet up with a woman that is more discrete and knows how to be discrete. So if she shows her face, or less safe/discrete for herself, then she will care less about your safety. Think about it.

  5. Do you have any more pics?
    Understand that replying to email takes up alot of time. A web page or a posting is there to save time. Asking for "more pics" is wasting her time. So the next time she's checking her email and see's you emailing her again ... she will feel you are again trying to waste her time.
        TIP ... some photos are fake or real. It's up to you to use your intuition. At the same time, try not to waste their time. Many women start of being friendly, gradually get annoyed and jaded from being sized up on a regular basis.
        Also, when you ask for "more pics" you come off as a guy that just wants to see pics. It's ok to sit back and jerk off to a really sexy pic, that's your choice. But it's not good to waste their time. Remember this when a tele-marketer calls you at a bad time trying to sell you the same thing you are NOT interested in buying.

  6. Can you handle this? (then add a face photo or a dick pic)
    This is a confusing, but amusing type of reply. It doesn't help you to get a discount or a freebie. That's not how things work.
        TIP If you like to show off your dick or you just wonder what kind of reply you will get ... then it might make sense.

If you provide nude massage, sensual massage or tantric massage at a fair, reasonable rate feel free to send an email so your sensual private massage service can be added to this listing. It's ok if you live in close to Manhattan, while providing your sensual massage service on an outcall basis.

This NYC Massage Listing is not affiliated with an agency. Meaning ... do not email us to book any of the providers on this listing. You need to contact them directly.

Note:   This massage listing does not support providers that request any rate that is $200 or more per hour for just a massage regardless if it's nude massages, outcall nude massages or 2 women meeting doing outcall for nude massages.

Last updated May 3, 2006